My integrative cancer treatment


After being diagnosed with cancer in 2011, I underwent surgery, chemotherapy with complementary therapy and then radiation.

Most of us have some measure of faith or certainty that we will live another ‘X’ number of years. None of us know how many X is but if we are healthy, most of us expect to live to at least an average life expectancy. It is very shocking to have that comfortable ‘certainty’ about life suddenly ripped away. Especially as a mother of young children.

As we appreciate good things ‘because they are temporal’ and must come to an end, the more we see our lives as temporary the more we can appreciate our time here. Of course and very sadly, not all of us make it. Undergoing cancer treatment is not fun and hard to appreciate. Nevertheless, cancer survivors often end up happier than they were before diagnosis and this is certainly true for me.

This is only one person’s experience and we are all different. I asked a lot of questions of my doctors and did a lot of my own research. In the end I had a treatment regime which I was comfortable with and which seems to have worked. Reading this series will show you, step by step, how I did that.

Me – post cancer treatment

The story is also about my life at the time of diagnosis, the drawn out diagnostic process and the books and other things that helped me to make difficult health decisions. I am told it is good reading but if you are in a hurry, click on Part 5 to see the nutrients and foods I took during my treatment with docetaxal and carboplatin chemotherapy.

Part 1: Cancer of unknown primary
Part 2: Surgery
Part 3: Search for the primary cancer
Part 4: Diagnosis Breast Cancer
Part 5: Chemotherapy and Integrative Medicine Regime

The Definitive Guide to Cancer by Lise Alschuler

Of the 29 books we read initially,
The Definitive Guide to Cancer – Third Edition
by Lise Alschuler
was by far the most useful

My experience with cancer gave me a very keen interest in nutrition and is what led to creating Vitamin Inspector.

My experience with cancer gave me a very keen interest in nutrition and is what led to creating Vitamin Inspector.

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